Taha Group will help Jet Airways to fly again

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TAHA Group became part of Consortium to collect $100 million for Jet Airways bidding.


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In a big update from Jet Airways revival, Taha Group became part of consortium to collect $100 million for Jet Airways bidding, result of bidding is expected to be declared by first week of August.

The consortium consists majorly of four companies, including Taha Group.

Taha Group

Saiyyad Wasif, Founder and Chairman, TAHA Group of Companies

Taha Group founded by Saiyyad Wasif who current serving chairman, Taha group has strong presence across three continents.

Headquartered in Dubai, it has ventured into IT, Tourism and trading of precious commodities across India and the United Kingdom.

The consortium also includes Flight Simulation Technique Centre Pvt. Ltd, Big Charter Pvt Ltd, and Imperial Capital Investments LLC. It has proposed to restart Jet Airways with five to 10 aircraft. These will be used to cater to routes between metros in the country.

File Photo by Social Media

As per the Jet Airways website Financial creditors to Jet Airways have filed Rs 8,232 crore worth of claims, while operational creditors owed more than Rs 7,300 crore. Jet Airways has stopped operations on April 17, 2019 and was admitted for insolvency on June 20, due to Jet Airways Crisis 16000 employees have lost their jobs.

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